Welcome to my blog, “Saint Andrew of Valaam Association”.  In it I aim to obtain information which informs my followers and those who read my posts, in English, and in other languages (Russian, Greek, Japanese, Bengali, Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian, Estonian, Serbian, Welsh, French, Korean, Scots Gaelic, Basque, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, etc.), to learn why Filioque is a damnable heresy and why people should convert to the Orthodox Catholic Faith of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Russian Orthodox Church.  God bless you all. God teach you about the Filioque, against the Filioque heresy, from Saint Photios of Constantinople, Saint Gregory Palamas of Thessalonica, and Saint Mark of Ephesus, the Three Pillars of Orthodoxy, and also the other Church Father, Saint John of Damascus. In Erie PA  Friday, February 12, 2021.  Sunday, November 7, 2021.  Scott R. Harrington, B.A.

Glory to Thee, Holy Father!  Who is like unto our Father, God?  There is no God except the Holy Trinity: The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!  Bless the LORD GOD, o my soul!  Let all that is within me bless His Holy Name!  Amen!  Thank God He revealed to me that the Holy Spirit “proceedeth eternally from the Father alone” John 15:26, and that the “Filioque” is heresy.  Amen.  Lord save us.  Amen. 

Glory to Thee, Holy Father!

I think there is more to American life than Republican-Democrat partisan politics, and wondering whether or not President Trump will or will not, should or should not, be impeached.  God bless America.  God bless us everyone.


I think.