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I believe that God still loves us, all people, in spite of their sins and imperfection.  I believe God is doing everything to help, save, and heal many people. He wants all people to be saved, to know and believe the truth (2 St. Peter 3:9; 1 St. Timothy 2:4).

I believe in God’s love.

To my perplexity, I believe that I sometimes engage in diversions; and I enjoy watching some television show like “The Big Bang Theory”.  (Though I have done and seen worse things).  Even so I must be careful what I watch and do, and must keep on repenting of all I have done seriously wrong, yesterday.  I believe God has forgiven me and cleansed me of the impurity of my past; but it came as a surprise and I did not do much but hear the Word of God, and keep it, so God Himself the Holy Spirit through the words of the writings of St. Paul broke the chain of my sin, and guided me to Scripture through THE RUDDER: Pedalion of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of the Orthodox Christians; and the chains of the flesh eventually subsided, and so I just had to struggle against unwanted bad thoughts.  But I still keep vigil to ask God for forgiveness and keep my mind on the Holy Spirit, and not the will of the flesh.  Today, I seek the distinctions of Orthodoxy and to live by and learn more of the Word of God in Orthodox theology, Saint Photios, The Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit, and its Monopatrism from our Blessed LORD and Saint Luke,  John 15:26 and Acts 2:33.  God save us and bless us.  Amen.

I believe I sometimes engage in diversions; but I need to return to piety’s distinctions.